High Dusting

We understand the importance of keeping professional, tidy and clean commercial office spaces. Greenstar Cleaning Service Ltd offers janitorial services across Edmonton to help you maintain a good and clean reputation and put your best foot forward in your business. Our team is used to working in tight spaces and reaching into hard-to-reach areas like ventilators, pipes and ceilings of maximum height. We don’t overlook those unseen corners of your office or warehouse where harmful dirt and bacteria have accumulated over the years.

Our service staff offers top of the line vacuum technology for high dusting and cleaning tasks in Edmonton, which most service providers tend to overlook. With 15 years of experience, we understand the cleaning business and ensure that no areas are left to accumulate with harmful dust and germ particles. The vacuuming exercise is generally followed by cleaning surfaces by hand, using towels and environment-friendly detergents.

We undertake all glass cleaning jobs in the Edmonton area, including storefront windows, multi-storey building facade glass as well as residential complex windows.

Volume window cleaning is best outsourced to the experts who have the patience, knowledge, and hands-on experience to undertake this task.

Dust Problems

Leave your dusting and cleaning issues to the commercial cleaning experts.